Original Fiat 500s are getting chopped up and turned into fridges

European automobile maker Fiat has partnered with appliance company Smeg to create these sleek retro refrigerators out of old cars. They're basically collecting classic Fiat 500s, hacking off the front ends, gutting them, and turning them into the cutest ice boxes you've ever seen. We'd be a bit sadder about this blasphemy if these fridges weren't so good looking.

Inside, there's an instrument panel just like the kind you'd find in the original Fiat. We can't decide if classic car lovers will be horrified or excited about this plan. Either way the "Smeg 500s" are coming out soon and will be available in white, red and green. There isn't any news on pricing, but keep checking the Fiat-Smeg site for updates.For now, view some beautifully decapitated Fiat 500s-turned-refrigerators in the gallery below.

Fiat 500 Design, via Gizmodo

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