Mercedes-Benz adds LED bling option for luxury drivers

Usually when we see luxury automobiles tricked out with things like spinning rims, illuminated undercarriages, and exaggerated tail fins, it's a signal that the owner is likely overcompensating for some perceived shortcoming. However, a new option being offered by Mercedes-Benz could serve to wipe the stigma off at least one aspect of LED bling.

The company has announced that it will now begin offering lease customers and owners the option to add an LED-illuminated Mercedes-Benz logo on the front radiator grille of the GL-Class MY13+, M-Class MY12+, E-Class MY14+, and CLS MY06+.

And while at first glance this design update might seem like a gaudy addition to a brand that has long been associated with conservative style and class, it's hard not to think that this may have been inspired by the illuminated Apple logo on MacBooks that have become a symbol of that brand's quality and design aesthetic.

You can get an early peek at the LED luxury bling via Mercedes' new promotional spot in the video below. Will other luxury automakers follow suit? Only time will tell.

Via DesignBoom

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