Honda's 130-mph lawn mower should make yard work a snap

Mowing the lawn can be a real chore, especially if you have a lot of grass to cut. The boys over at the British car show Top Gear clearly felt the same way, so they asked Honda to see if they could come up with something to put a little more oomph into their gardening chores. The result is this slightly modified Honda HF2620 riding mower, which jacks up the standard model's sedate 11 mph top speed, to a license-threatening 130 mph.

Honda's secret weapon in creating this beast was their motorcycle division, who's 1000cc VTR engine could slot neatly into the space left by the HF2620's already hefty 650cc v-twin. The result is a jump in power from 20 to 110 horsepower, more than enough keep things interesting. Because the mower is so light, the final power to weight ratio is actually greater than a Ferrari F12, giving the machine a zero to 60 time of around four seconds.

Unfortunately the mower isn't exactly street legal, but it certainly would be fun to show up at the local drag strip's grudge night riding this thing. Check out the gallery to see how Honda managed to stuff the big 1000cc engine under the hood of a riding lawnmower.

Top Gear, via CNET


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