Docomo unveils panoramic photo app that embeds animations

Panoramic photos are nothing new in terms of digital imagery, as exampled by the less-than-impressed response by many when Apple unveiled the feature in iOS 6 for the iPhone 5. But a new take on panoramic photos could breathe new life into the photographic dynamic by adding the element of animation.

Japan's leading wireless and handset maker, Docomo, has just unveiled a new Android app called Ugoku Panorama Photo (ugoku translates as "move" in Japanese). The app uses the same familiar stitching technique to take mobile panoramic photos with your smartphone, but it includes the ability to make one part of the image animated.

Although it sounds relatively simple, the effect is actually quite stunning, allowing you to include animations of things like flowing water, a random object in motion, or a couple of people shaking hands, all captured in a panoramic snapshot of a moment in time.

The app is currently free on the Japanese version of the Google Play store, and you can see it in action in the video below.

Via Docomo

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