Wi-Fi gesture interface lets you control your home from any room

So you thought you might look silly flailing your arms around using the Kinect? And maybe you're too reserved to consider looking like a spell-casting wizard using the Leap Motion? Well, a new gesture-based interface innovation has just been announced that is so practical and convenient that it could, once and for all, finally sway any gesture control naysayers still resisting this next step in our digital interface evolution.

Developed by researchers at the University of Washington, WiSee is a gesture recognition interface for your home that uses Wi-Fi signals to control things such as your music player, television, computer, and even your home's thermostat and lighting systems. To function, the WiSee software set-up only requires a normal Wi-Fi router and a few mobile devices strategically placed around the home, allowing various distinct gestures to control devices from other rooms, without line-of-sight positioning, as most remote controls require.

According to the developers, the system has an amazing 94 percent accuracy rate, a level of functionality that would immediately make it competitive with other forms of wireless device controllers currently available. And, in order to avoid false positive gestures, the WiSee system always requires a start-up sequence of gestures that act as a sort of password to get to the gesture controls you're planning to use.

Although the technology isn't currently being offered as a commercial solution, the development team believes that it can offer a better gesture-interface solution than products like the Kinect and the Leap Motion. You can see the magical WiSee system being demonstrated in the video down under.

Via Los Angeles Times

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