A fierce concept to celebrate BMW's 100th anniversary

Credit: Dejan Hristov

BMW's official "birthday" is March 7, 1916. That means that there's a big anniversary coming up in a few years and folks around the world are already designing concepts to celebrate the occasion. I mean, this is a century of automotive wonderment we're talking about here.

Dejan Hristov from Skopje, Macedonia has turned out the most impressive protoype so far. It's called the BMW Rapp Concept, named after Karl Friedrich Rapp, and it honors the brand's history while also looking forward into BMW's future.

Here's Hristov on his "retro-futuristic" design:

"The basic idea was to embrace the history of BMW making this concept represent of everything that BMW stands for as a company, like some sublimation of every model of vehicle that came out on the market so far under the design signature of BMW."

It's a bit too Z series-heavy for my liking, but generally it's a gorgeous concept and it's yours to view in the gallery below. Maybe they'll even make one for BMW's big 1-0-0.

Behance, via Bold Ride

(All images in gallery by Dejan Hristov.)

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