Apple reportedly files trademark for 'iWatch' name in Russia

Credit: Esben Oxholm

The late Steve Jobs was known for rarely giving interviews, saving most of his commentary for his Apple event keynotes. However, recent pressure from the market have prompted his successor, Tim Cook, to engage the public a bit more than is usual for the company's leadership. But despite the increased exposure, Cook has remained coy when questioned about rumors of an Apple smartwatch.

Well, all the discretion and poker-faced answers could be moot at this point now that a report has emerged that Apple has trademarked the "iWatch" name in Russia. The report was made in the Russian newspaper Izvestia and claims that the Apple trademark application covers computers and peripherals. Take that "report" with a grain of salt, as 9to5Mac notes, Apple usually registers names for trademarked products under "shell companies" to avoid leaks.

After months and months of rumors from sources in Asia and various claims made by analysts, this is the closest we've come to getting confirmation that Apple does indeed have some sort of smartwatch in the works. There's still no confirmation of exactly what the device will do or how it will look, but if Cook's recent comments regarding wearable technology are any indication, the device will likely be pretty different from anything on the market.

If you can read Russian, the original report is here, or you can check out a Google-translated version of the report here.

Via 9to5Mac

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