Haptic feedback suit lets you feel every impact while gaming

Credit: Kickstarter

In almost every way imaginable, gaming has been getting more and more realistic in recent years. Graphics, motion capture and even immersive hardware like the Oculus Rift have brought gamers deeper into the game than ever before. But one element has always been missing: tactile sensation.

Now, with the ARAIG — short for As Real As It Gets — haptic feedback suit, you'll feel every impact your character takes in-game. And this isn't your momma's DualShock-style rumble. Anywhere on your torso or arms that you get hit, you'll feel it right there. A total of 48 vibration points located all across the suit make sure of that.

Bullets trigger individual vibrations. Explosions trigger "stim" reactions, which encourage individual muscles to expand or contract, simulating pressure in a specific area. These same reactions can make you feel as if you're carrying a weight across your shoulder.

As an added bonus to the haptic feedback, the ARAIG suit also implements a pretty ingenious sound system. Surround sound speakers are mounted in a hexagonal configuration around your neck, making sounds emanate from very specific places. There's also a subwoofer strapped to your back — awesome.

The ARAIG suit is, of course, wireless and features its own onboard control system. If all this sounds like the perfect way to get into your game, head on over to the ARAIG Kickstarter, where the team behind this incredible device is looking to raise a hefty hunk of change in an effort to bring it to reality. To learn more about how the ARAIG suit does what it does, check out the video below.

Via Kickstarter

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