Aerial drone delivers tour of deserted James Bond island

If someday we're unlucky enough to have one of the post-apocalyptic visions from all those sci-fi films come true, and all that is left are hollowed out shells of our cities, it's quite possible that the only witnesses for such a scene will be the robot drones we leave behind. Film directors have often tried to show us dramatic visuals depicting this scenario, but a very real piece of footage with no special effects has cropped up that shows us exactly what such a reality might look like.

Posted by the Japan division of Sony to show off its new Action Cam, the two-minute aerial tour, facilitated by a multi-copter, shows off the haunting, hard-to-reach interiors of Japan's deserted Gunkanjima (also known as Hashima Island, and Battleship Island). Also used as the setting for the most recent James Bond film Skyfall, Gunkanjima is shown off as never before with the aerial drone dipping into valleys of dilapidated structures and swooping through ancient halls in much the same way as the interior mapping drones in Prometheus.

The footage is remarkable because it really does offer a surreal glimpse at what future eyes might see if humanity eventually becomes a part of this planet's past. Perhaps realizing the grim nature of the footage, Sony added a cheery music soundtrack to the video, which only seems to make the imagery even more eerie.You can check out the full drone tour in the video below.

Via Sony

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