3D printed shoe will only fit your feet, feel perfect

Credit: Pensar Studios

Custom clothing and accessories are usually reserved for celebrities and their haute couture confections, but one company is trying to bring this idea to the masses using 3D printing. Since it's pretty rare to get a perfect fit in the real world, most of us just find the best available option and go with it. If it's an ill-fitting shirt, you just end up looking frumpy. But shoes can really do a number on your body over time if they don't have the right support.

Pensar Studios has conceived of a very exclusive shoe, one that only fits you. And the buying process is nothing if not thorough. You first outfit a pair of regular old sneakers with pressure sensors and accelerometers provided by Pensar. Then, you bring them back to the store where your biomechanics are uploaded to a computer that designs a shoe just for you. After the basic framework is laid out, you can modify the color and other style features includng form, texture and opacity, and the 3D printer builds a completely custom design.

Aside from working in perfect harmony with your body, this concept also reduces labor and shipping costs. So if Pensar ever got around to making these kicks, they probably won't break the bank.

Yanko Design, via Design Boom

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