Voltmaker can charge your phone, even without a power source

Presuming you’re human, you’ve probably been in the frustrating situation in which your smartphone’s run out of batteries and you’re lost. Since this is the 21st century, you have no idea how to read a map, and you figure you’ll just probably die at the jaws of an angry bear while driving around looking for some semblance of human life. Well, fierce traveler, those dark days are over. The Voltmaker is such a simple device, engineers across the country are probably slapping themselves for not having thought of it.

It looks something like a small baton, and its purpose in life is a simple one: to hold a charge. You can charge it at home, via a USB port that looks suspiciously like the one used for iPods and iPhones. Then it’s as simple as plugging it into your phone and transferring the charge.

OK. That’s pretty simple, and honestly it sounds pretty stupid. Why wouldn’t I spend my energy charging my phone instead of some outside device? Anyway, what happens if my phone is dead and my Voltmaker is dead?

Well, that’s a good point you bring up, dear reader. And the answer is what makes this baby special. It’s got a small stick-like part that you can detach from the body of the device. Then, you can flick your wrist to spin it around like a helicopter’s blades. In doing so, you harness kinetic energy and fill the Voltmaker with enough charge to give your phone (or whatever) a few extra minutes of energy.

Sure, it seems silly if your goal is hearing one more song. But considering how useful it could be if you’re lost on an unfamiliar highway and simply need to orient yourself, it’s a gamechanger.

Watch the incredibly odd video below to learn a bit more.

The Voltmaker, Via psfk

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