Rumor: Photos of low-cost iPhone casing leaked

Apple's reputation for only releasing products at prices that are generally considered a premium over competing devices has softened in recent years with the release of music player alternatives to the iPod such as the iPod Nano, and more recently the wallet-friendly iPad mini. However, bringing such price alternatives to the company's flagship product, the iPhone, has never been considered a likely move, until now. 

Just months after rumors surfaced that Apple might be releasing a new, lower cost version of the iPhone, photos have emerged that depict what could be the device's casing. Posted to China's version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, the photos show a shiny, black curved backing, much like the iPhone 3GS, situated in what appears to be a matte-black frame. At the bottom of the device is what appears to be Apple's new Lightning cable connector. Of course, as with all leaks from China, this could simply be one of the many well-crafted smartphone bootlegs that often hail from the region. 

Some may view a possible low-cost option for the iPhone as move that would fly in the face of the company's long-term, premium price strategy for its leading product. But as Apple sharpens its focus on its fastest growing market, Asia, the expected low-cost move could help the company boost sales in the region, where the device is simply too expensive for a large portion of the market in China and India, thus boosting sales of cheaper knock-offs, as well as Android alternatives. 

The word in tech circles is that the rumored device is scheduled for release in the fall, but we could hear something as soon as next week during Apple's WWDC conference. 

Via Apple Insider

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