Flash chargers set to revolutionize travel by electric vehicles

Credit: TOSA

The TOSA project is a mass-transit system that aims to revolutionize the electrical vehicle market, beginning with electric buses. Designed in cooperation with public transport authorities in Geneva, the TOSA project is a system of specially-equipped electric buses and flash chargers — capable of juicing up a bus in only minutes.

The bus-riding experience for the average commuter would stay precisely the same, but the buses would never need to be pulled from service as they charged. Last Sunday a prototype TOSA bus took to the streets for the very first time. Its route is a modest one, covering less than a mile of roadway. But for a prototype, that's not half bad. Especially considering that the bus's flash charger takes only 15 seconds to top off the batteries on the 135-passenger behemoth.

Even at the end of the line, when the TOSA bus receives its largest jolt, recharging the bus lasts only 3-4 minutes. That the TOSA bus is equipped with a battery pack similar to that in a Nissan Leaf broadens the theoretical use of these flash charging stations quite a bit.

Imagine gas stations across the nation being equipped with flash chargers. Suddenly the spirit of the open road could call to EVs in much the same way that it does to long-haul truckers. The only difference would, of course, be that EV owners would spend less time at the pump. For more detail on the TOSA project's future plans, check out the video below.

TOSA 2013, via Inside EVs

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