Tomorrow's luxury cruises might just take to the Aether

Credit: Mac Byers

The Aether, a decidedly futuristic sky-liner, is designer Mac Byers' idea of what luxury travel will look like in the years to come. Based on sci-fi starships and the airships of the last century, the overall look of Byers' airship is akin to an upmarket version of the GR-75 transports used by Star Wars' Rebel Alliance.

If the rebels had access to anything as swanky as the Aether, we never saw it in the films. The expansive gondola is home to not only window-lined private bedrooms, but a sprawling main cabin — complete with a bar and retail space.

The Aether is meant to be powered by eight turbine engines and kept aloft thanks to the traditional airship helium balloon. Still, there's a lot of payload to take into account when imagining the Aether's eventual creation. A mini-hotel isn't exactly on the light side, after all. If pushed into production, the Aether might have to compromise on its ever-so-sleek form factor to get aloft — perhaps looking a bit more Super Guppy than Star Wars in the end. For now though, the Aether remains a concept — one which we'd very much like to see prove our doubts wrong and go soaring into the skies of tomorrow.

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