Geeky calculator converts your money into any sci-fi currency

Picture this: Han Solo and Captain Kirk show up at your doorstep — never mind how — looking for room and board, but they can only pay in wizarding money (Galleons, Sickles and Knuts, obvs). You're stuck at the door wondering just how much you should charge them each for the loan of your roommates' beds while simultaneously trying to convert Harry Potter currency to dollars. If only there were some handy-dandy way of running the monetary conversions!

As it turns out there is: the sci-fi currency calculator. With it, you can swap your dollars, euros or pounds sterling for currencies from popular fantasy and sci-fi franchises like A Song of Ice and Fire or The Elder Scrolls. You can also convert currencies between fictional worlds. Did you know that Harry Potter (well off though he was) was only worth about 450 Westerosi gold dragons? We didn't.

Sure, Paypal Galactic has Buzz Aldrin tooting their horn, but the sci-fi currency converter is manned by something even cooler: number-crunching geeks! Some serious research went into some of the monetary valuations assigned in this thing. You can even read up on how each monetary system was calculated if you think the stats are in error.

Who needs a new galactic currency when we already know how much we're worth in the United Federation of Planets? To check out just how much you're worth with the sci-fi currency calculator, click the image below.

Via Money In Advance

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