This sleek EV just broke a land speed record

Their names sound like something out of Downton Abbey, but Lola and Lord Drayson aren't a couple of stuffed shirts. Lola is actually the name of the world's fastest EV and  Lord Drayson is its driver. As the sun set over Britain yesterday, Lord Drayson (yup, he's a real English Lord) stepped into Lola's cockpit.

To set the official record, Drayson would need to average a record-breaking speed between two back-to-back runs. In his first attempt, you can see Drayson's speedometer top out at 212 mph; a stunning pace. His second run didn't go quite so perfectly, but it was enough for the average between the runs to come out as 204.185 mph.

And that, ladies and gents, was easily enough to shatter the previous record of 175 mph, which had held up for nearly 40 years. But there won't be much time for Lord Drayson and Lola to rest on their laurels. Nissan is entering their own EV supercar in next year's 24 hours of Le Mans, promising to impress. Only the future will tell how long Lola's record will hold. But for EV racing, and the electric vehicle industry in general, that future is looking brighter than ever.

Via Drayson Racing Technologies

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