Audi's e-gas plant finally opens in Germany

Earlier this year Audi unveiled the A3 G-Tron concept. It runs on a synthetic gas called e-gas that pulls carbon from the air and converts it back into fuel. Hooray for carbon neutrality!

It all starts with wind farm-generated energy that can either be used to power electric cars or to create hydrogen at the plant through water electrolysis. Then the hydrogen undergoes a process called methanation to create e-gas.

Audi is really revolutionizing the auto industry with the A3 G-Tron, e-gas and their new fuel production facility. They are the first car company to build a power-to-gas plant like this and the next step is to get A3 G-Tron's on the road. According to the specs, you could drive for 810 miles without having to stop for gas — that's 250 miles on e-gas and another 560 miles on the regular stuff.

Sadly, the G-Tron is not expected to make the journey across the Atlantic. E-gas can be sold at the numerous compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in Europe, but there are only 560 CNG stations available to the public here in the U.S. It's a good thing that Audi is also researching other possibilities. E-diesel anyone?

Via Car and Driver

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