3D printed duck foot lends hope to hobbled fowl

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We humans aren't the only ones reaping the benefits of 3D printed prosthetics. Buttercup is a lucky duck (I have more of these) who is about to receive what has to be the world's first 3D printed prosthetic duck foot. But luck wasn't always on this little duck's side.

Buttercup was born with a backward foot, and physical therapy only got the wayward webbing to turn back around half way. Plucky as can be, Buttercup soldiered on, hobbling along as best as could be expected.

Then came along 3D printed medicine, something which sparked a bit of inspiration in the mind of Buttercup's "dad," Mike Garey. Along with Dr. Shannon McGee, Garey has designed a rubber ducky foot for Buttercup, which was then printed by a 3D printing company called Novacopy. With the foot in hand, Buttercup's "dad" can now create a mold from which a final silicone prosthetic can be cast.

Buttercup won't have to wait long for the rubber ducky foot odyssey to come to an end. A surgery has already been completed on Buttercup's bum leg, leaving a sort of ducky peg leg in it's wake. it took a little while for Buttercup to heal afterward, but the duck is already back up and stumping around the yard. To keep up with Buttercup's progress you can check out the project's Facebook page here. And to see the adventure thus far, check out the gallery below.

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