34-gigapixel panorama of Prague combines 2,600 photos

Credit: Jeffrey Martin/360cities.net

We've seen a fair share of high-resolution images before, so what makes this panorama special? In short: lots of things.

Jeffrey Martin took a whopping 2,600 individual pictures of the Prague skyline from atop the Petrin Tower. He got all the shots in 1.5 hours using Canon equipment: a 1-Dx, a 28-300 lens, and an 8-15 fisheye lens. He then patched together the resulting 260,000 x 130,000 pixels beautifully with help from Fujitsu Technology Solutions Europe, who offered up two quad-core Xeon processors and 192GB of RAM. If Martin's panorama were printed at 150 DPI, it would be an incredible 130 feet long.

This means that it might just be the largest photo ever taken of Prague. It is also the first gigapixel image to be licensed by Creative Commons. Cool.

Via 360 Gigapixels

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