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Charging an electric vehicle can take approximately forever. And unless you fork over some serious cash for a Level 2 charger, there's basically nothing you can do about it. Except now is one thing you can do: you can build your own, cheaper Level 2 charger based on an open source design now on Kickstarter.

The project, called the EMW Juicebox, is currently looking for funding, and its price is set at a serious discount from the competition's. For under 200 bucks you can get a fully-assembled Level 2 charger which will charge your EV five to ten times faster than a basic charging cord. It also looks like a big copper top battery — which is pretty sweet.

The reason these guys can make such seemingly expensive charging stations on the cheap is down to a bit of electrical hokery-pokery called amperage. The greater the amperage of an electrical outlet, the more electricity can flow through it at once. Basic charging cords plugged directly into your home usually trip a circuit breaker if they try and draw more than 16 amps from your wall outlets. To stop this, these cords are usually limited to 10 amps. And 10 amps is kinda stupid-slow when you're charging a vehicle. On the other hand, the EMW Juicebox can shoot out up to 30 amps, which you can tweak to boost up to 60 if your car can handle it.

To put your mind at ease, all this electrical mumbo jumbo comes as second nature to the Juicebox's designers. Miftakhov and Grishashvili have degrees in physics, engineering and even neuroscience. They've also already developed two other charging kits. Basically, you can trust their designs.

If you'd like to pick up one of their cheap, crazy-fast chargers, head on over to their Kickstarter page. You can get a DIY version for a song at 99 bucks, or the fully-assembled kit for $199. And of course, if you think you can use their hardware or software to build an even better charger for the EV of tomorrow, everything involved in the project is open source.

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