AirBeats for Leap Motion give us air guitar for drums

The delay of the release of the Leap Motion gesture controller has not only helped to stoke excitement around the device, but it has also allowed competitors to offer alternatives that indicate the market for gesture controllers is about to get pretty crowded. However, one thing Leap Motion has going for it above others is an enthusiastic developer community, as exemplified by a new software product unveiled this week called AirBeats.

Created by Adam Somers, the same developer who brought us AirHarp, AirBeats gives us something every high school lunchroom maestro has always wanted: a fully functional drum set that you can play with your hands in mid-air. The software allows users to play up to 12 different drums sets with either their hands or even real drumsticks (or a set of chopsticks) and those performances can be recorded and exported to other digital music programs. 

Although pricing hasn't been announced, the application will be available for both Mac and Windows platforms on Leap Motion's Airspace app store on July 22. You can see AirBeats in action in the video below.

Via Handwavy

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