Strand Craft debuts $1.2 million hovercraft yacht tender

Strand Craft makes some pretty over-the-top luxury yachts. Like, the Strand Craft 122, for example, which comes with a matching sports car to make the water to road transition as smooth as possible. That might be worth it, if you have $25 million to drop on toys.

Now Strand has introduced a Luxury Limousine Super Yacht Tender (presumably to accompany the 122?) that doubles as a hydrofoil and a hovercraft. Made of vacuum-formed PVC foam, fiberglass and Kevlar, this 36-foot lightweight luxury commuter can zip you from the shore to your yacht when you do decide to leave your V12 supercar in the hull for the day.

It can seat 12 comfortably and you can style the interior yourself — check out the gallery below for examples of extremes in design, from prom night limo sensory overload to classic, clean lines. Here's the current list of standard equipment: telescopic night vision, voice recognition, radar, 42-in satellite TV system, refrigerator, digital safe and cup holders. No word on when this will be available, but you can start saving now because prices start at $750,000 and skyrockets up to $1.2 million for a fully-loaded model.

Strand Craft, via Gizmag

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