Futuristic amp on wheels is just screaming Daft Punk's name

Credit: Yuhan Zhang

If ever there was a concert delivery system that deserved to be a part of humanity's future, it's this awesome Marshall Dicycle concept. Thought up by the consistently future-leaning mind of Yuhan Zhang, the Marshall Dicycle is a world of awesome on two massive wheels.

They're not just wheels; each one houses a sleek Marshall amp, controls and all. Speakers are housed all over the dicycle's wheels and jet-like body, leaving just enough room for two riders — one in the driver's seat and one in the Spider-Man style passenger "seat."

There's also room for a keyboard to be slung into the cargo rack situated below the driver. We're thinking the passenger will just wear the pictured guitar. All this awesome adds up to a seriously futuristic delivery mechanism for the impromptu concerts of tomorrow — or the next Tron film; whichever makes this thing a reality first. Check out the gallery below for a taste of how rad life would be with these things zipping around to deliver live music to everyone.

Youtube, via Yanko Design

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