Time-lapse train trip reveals the futuristic side of Tokyo

Often, when tourists visit Tokyo, after the first day of visiting a few neon-laced hotspots, the gleam wears off and people start wondering where the futuristic city is that they've heard so much about. The truth is, Tokyo doesn't get truly strange until you've spent some extended time there. But if you don't have a few months or years to spare, a new video offers a distorted, but aesthetically accurate picture of what living in Tokyo is like.

Shot by a Japanese photographer going by the nickname DarwinFish105, the time-lapse video, titled "Hyper Drive Yurikamome," takes viewers on a trip on Tokyo's automated Yurikamome train line, the railway often used to visit the otherworldly confines of the artificial island known as Odaiba. The surreal, warp drive effects were accomplished by shooting through the front of the train's carriage using a Micro Four Thirds camera (the Panasonic DMC-GH3) in continuous-shot mode at 1-second shutter speed. He then took the footage into Adobe Premiere and applied mirroring and other effects that resulted in visuals that are rooted in reality, yet appear incredibly psychedelic.

I've actually ridden on the Yurikamome a number of times and the experience — framed by knowing that a robot is driving you while you're surrounded by the sci-fi landscape of Odaiba — has always felt like something out of movie. But this new take on the ride truly captures the spirit of what it's like to live in the fast-paced, tech-infused city of Tokyo. See for yourself in the video below.

Via MashKulture

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