Solar cell dress makes you a fashion forward power plant

Two of the hottest categories in emerging tech are wearables and green energy solutions, but rarely do those two categories find a way to overlap. One designer from the Netherlands has now come up with a clever mix of the two that combines fashion with sustainability.

Wearable Solar is a project led by Christiaan Holland and Pauline van Dongen, along with a team of researchers, to create flexible solar cells that can be easily embedded in clothing, essentially making the wearer a walking power plant.

Visually, the suit brings to mind the water filtration Stillsuits from the movie Dune, but in practice the suit actually has two modes. Opening the suit's shoulder and waist flaps reveals small arrays of solar cells that can soak up sunlight throughout the day. Then, when the wearer is done charging up, the flaps can be snapped back into discreet folds that give the garment a much more conservative look.

The developers hope to make the Wearable Solar implementation a mainstream marketable product in the near future. You check out a brief presentation explaining how the project came together and see a few more views of the Wearable Solar suit up close in the video above and gallery below.


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