Smartwatch makers claim first gesture and voice-control interface

Credit: Kreyos

Based on some user reviews, the Kickstarter-backed Pebble smartwatch has been somewhat of a disappointment when compared to the early enthusiasm it generated. This has only increased hopes for the rumored Apple smartwatch. But now another upstart developer is hoping to one-up the competition by offering what it claims is a unique interface unavailable from other device makers.

According to its developers, the Kreyos Meteor connects with your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to control a number of functions from your wrist. However, unlike other, similar devices, the people behind Kreyos claim that the waterproof device can also be controlled using voice commands and customizable hand movements. The actual device comes in two parts: the central unit that houses the device's system and display, and a wristband cradle, which means you can use the device as a clip-on or necklace accessory if you're not a fan of watches.

Of course, as with all crowdfunded startup gadgets, you should take the maker's claims at your own risk. But if the device does turn out to work as advertised in the video, it could set the bar pretty high for other companies reportedly working on smartwatches such as Google and Samsung.

Selling for an early adopter price of $95, the device is scheduled to start shipping in November. You can take a closer look at the Kreyos in the video below.

Via Indiegogo

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