Google adds stunning Street Views of Dubai from atop Burj Khalifa

At 2,716 feet, the Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building. It opened in January 2010 and offers incredible views of Dubai. So Google decided to visit the famous tower and capture the surrounding city from a half-mile above ground.

To get 360-degree aerial images, Google brought in Trekker backpacks and spent three days wandering around the 124th floor observation deck and riding on the window cleaning scaffold, as high up as the 80th floor. Clearly, applicants with a fear of heights didn't make the cut for this particular gig.

If you're curious about what Dubai looks like from the Burj Khalifa, watch the video below. It's a two-minute peek into how the Google Maps team took on the challenge of touring this massive structure — a making-of video that makes this job seem pretty fantastic. And thanks to them, we can now all see the Burj Khalifa and Dubai on Google Street View.

YouTube, via Engadget

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