Volvo to make cars that'll do the parking for you

Credit: Volvo

Ever find yourself driving along and thinking that driving is just the bee’s knees, if it wasn’t for that parking part of the experience? Me neither, but the folks at Volvo must think some of us are, because they’ve just revealed they’ve got some self-parking technology.

To be clear, this isn’t a driverless car, like Google’s incredible innovation. This is a tad more modest. It’s more like a driverless valet.

The idea is that you could show up somewhere, hop out and the car will find an empty space to occupy. The reason this would only work with parking, in theory, is that it doesn’t use the same kind of technology that Google’s car does. Instead of being equipped with mapping technology, the Volvo relies on sensors embedded in the ground.

This, called “Vehicle 2 Infrastructure,” would require an awful lot from the various parking lots involved. The car itself would have a self-driving and, of course, self-braking system in place. But it would rely on those embedded sensors to avoid hitting other cars and, you know, killing pedestrians.

While cool, it sounds a bit unrealistic. And a ton of work to save about five minutes.

The video below offers a model of the system in work.

Via SlashGear

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