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Scientists from Canada and Germany, working in collaboration, have created the world's best tool for understanding the human brain. Their 3D model — which can view each and every pathway in the brain at a resolution of 20 microns — will be made accessible to the public for free.

Hailed as a tour-de-force, the creation of the 3D map utilized images of over 7,400 individual sections of brain tissue. The level of detail which the new model affords researchers (and you or I, if we'd like) a view of the brain 200 times more detailed than anything previously available.

To obtain this unprecedented level of detail, scientists had to embed a brain (a real brain) in paraffin wax, slice it into thousands of pieces with a microtome, and then mount each individual slice onto a slide. But the research team behind the Big Brain isn't done just yet: next, they're going to repeat the whole process on a few more brains to better understand how variable the brain's makeup really is.

If you'd like access to the Big Brain yourself, you can get it here. You'll have to create an account, but the process is free. So get into that brain and start poking around. Who knows what secrets you'll unlock.


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