Sensor bracelet lets you touch your friends from anywhere

One of the new metrics of dating compatibility unique to our age is how frequently you do (or do not) text your partner during the day. This virtual form of contact has replaced what was once a phone call, and before that a physical meeting. But now that technology has moved into the wearable phase, a new idea has emerged that takes the notion of virtual contact quite literally. 

Created by Poland-based design studio Pangenerator, the Tactilu is a wrist device that allows wearers to communicate remotely through the sense of touch. Powered by an Arduino Pro mini microcontroller and a custom pcb with a Bluetooth module, the experimental device allows to wearers to virtually touch each other through haptic feedback via an Internet connection or Bluetooth no matter where they are in the world. 

Although the current design is already pretty futuristic, the next generation of the haptic feedback device will be much slimmer, thus making it a bit more palatable for potential mainstream consumers. You can see the Tactilu in action in the video below. 

Via CreativeApps

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