Raspberry Pi-powered espresso maker translates texts into coffee

Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

ZipWhip is a cloud texting company that pieced together a fully functioning Raspberry Pi-powered espresso machine. Yes, this thing is for real.

The video shows the steps involved in hooking up a Raspberry Pi to a coffee maker, but you can view detailed instructions on ZipWhip's original post. Once it's set up, you can literally text "coffee" or a different keyword to the machine and it will make your drink of choice. It will even text you back to let you know that it understood your order and after it finishes making your favorite caffeinated beverage, it gets a bit sassy and tells you just how fast it got the job done; in this case 1 minute and 28 seconds. Not bad.

It does seem like a fairly involved project, but this could be just the thing for you if you have a free weekend. It doesn't even have to be a coffee maker, folks. Get to tinkering and share your DIY updates in the comments section.

YouTube, via ZipWhip

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