Gallery: 20 concepts from Electrolux Design Lab semi-finalists

The Electrolux Design lab is an annual competition for individuals to submit their very best futuristic design ideas for the home. Think The Jetsons, but this stuff could actually end up in your house someday.

Each year the folks from Electrolux choose an area of focus to guide submissions — 2013 is all about "inspired urban living" — in the categories of social cooking, natural air and effortless cleaning. Only design students at the undergrad and grad levels can apply and prizes are awarded to the top four entrants: first place gets 5,000 Euros (about $6,700) and a paid internship with Electrolux for six months. The other three receive monetary rewards of lesser value.

2013 marks ten years of Electrolux Design Lab awesomeness. The competition is incredibly steep. The four winners are yet to be chosen, but the 20 semi-finalists have just been announced. So, check out our complete gallery of all 20 hopefuls and let us know if you have a favorite (or least favorite) in the comments.

Electrolux Design Lab and YouTube, via Yanko Design

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