Awesome DIY R2-D2 cake projects Princess Leia's distress call

Credit: Marc Freilich

Imagine you're six and you don't really know much about Star Wars just yet. You wake up on the morning of your birthday and walk into the kitchen and there's this weird trash can lookin' cake on your counter. You figure it's just one of your geeky dad's crazy ideas and pay it no mind. Later, when your friends are over for your party, the cake projects a frikkin' lady on the wall. Talk about an awesome introduction to the Star Wars saga.

You've gotta hand it to the dad in the above scenario. His name is Marc and he certainly delivered a show-stopping Artoo cake. To get Artoo to project Princess Leia's image, Marc embedded a Pico Projector inside the cake's dome and ran a VGA cable through the cake to a netbook which he controlled himself. This way, Marc was able to have the cake project its video at just the right time. He even added a special birthday message for his kid at the end of Leia's message.

The best part of the entire operation was his son's honest reaction to the cake, which you can catch in the video below. See if it doesn't remind you of the reaction a certain moisture farmer's nephew had to the very same message from Leia the first time he saw it. And if you think you've got the chops to replicate Marc's cake, he's provided you with some handy-dandy instructions on his blog, here.

Youtube, via Hackaday

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