Soon you could have your password tattooed on your arm

Credit: Motorola

Your parents may have warned against tattoos, but they probably also told you to keep your passwords safe. This could make Motorola’s idea for Biostamps a tad confusing for the regular consumer.

The idea might sound insane, but it’s simple enough: you could get a tattoo that would completely erase the need for passwords. Instead, it would send a signal to your phone authorizing you as the user. Because the phone would only work if it's in range of the tattoo, no one could break into it. Unless they somehow did it while standing next to you, I suppose.

Those tattoos, developed by Massachusetts engineering firm MC10, contain flexible electronic circuits that can signal to your phone. And no, you won’t have these drawn on through a needle: the tattoos attach via a rubber stamp.

These aren’t going to be in your local Best Buy anytime soon, but it is an interesting movement in electronic security. As our phones contain more and more personal information, keeping them safe is a greater priority.

Via The Telegraph

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