Visually impaired can 'see' photos with 3D printer hookup

Prevoteau Mathieu's Pentax prototype uses a 3D printer to make a small model of things you photograph. So, if you take pictures of flowers, you just hook the camera up to the printer and presto! You now have a nifty 3D-printed version of the same roses in your pictures.

There are a lot of fun applications for this concept, but Mathieu created the 3D Pentax especially for individuals with visual impairments. This not only enables them to imagine the world in a new, 3D way, it's also designed for them to get behind the camera. The camera itself includes a large button for easy photo taking and logo-based adjustable camera settings for simple photo tweaking.

Now the visually impaired can use their sense of touch to "feel" what they or someone else photographed. I mean, you could alway just go out and touch roses directly, but there's something nice about being able to capture memories on a digital camera and in 3D. What will this French designer come up with next? And when is Pentax going to make one of these?

Behance, via Trend Hunter

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