Video: Young Steve Jobs discusses his legacy

Now that one of technology's greatest visionaries, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has passed away, any unexplored tidbit of information, whether it's an old email or an unseen photo, suddenly becomes a part of history to be examined.

A new clip of unseen video footage has been revealed that shows Jobs discussing what his legacy might be after he's gone. Recorded by the Silicon Valley Historical Association during his time running NeXT, a bearded and youthful looking Jobs talks about the shifting sands of technological innovation and how nothing is really permanent when it comes to computing breakthroughs. Despite Jobs' well-known penchant for looking at technology as a kind of art form, the co-founder ofApple is surprisingly frank with regards to how history will see his work versus the great painters and architects of the past. Jobs says, "all the work I've done in my life will be obsolete by the time I'm 50."

The Silicon Valley Historical Association released a couple of other small snippets of the interview about a year ago that originate from a full 20-minute interview showcased in a documentary called Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur, featuring commentary from Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, Silicon Graphics and Netscape founder Jim Clark, and Oracle founder Larry Ellison. 

You can learn more about the documentary here, and check out the Jobs interview segment in the video below. 

Via The Loop

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