Video of the Day: Is superhuman strength possible?

Wanna look like Superman? Apparently, our genetic makeup has a lot to do with how well we develop muscle mass. A protein called myostatin dictates muscle growth, and levels of this protein are different for everyone.

Beligian Blue Cattle can develop freakishly ginormous muscles and the scientists studying this phenomenon determined that these cows had very low levels of myostatin or none at all. This has also been observed in dogs, mice and some human babies, showing that they were likely born without the myostatin-creating GDF-8 gene.

This explains why some people can bulk up easily and others, well, not so much. The lower your levels of myostatin, the easier it is for you to get buff without any exercise or special body-builder diet plans. In the future, drugs might be available to lower myostatin levels for people suffering from Muscular Dystrophy or muscle loss from aging.

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