Power-generating sleeping bag uses body heat to charge your tech

Tech gadgets like your cellphone might work fine when you first head out on a camping trip, but they'll quickly die if you can't find a place to charge them up. At outdoor music festivals like Bonnaroo and South By Southwest you'll find mobile charging stations where you can plug in and get some juice, but who wants to stand around while their phone slowly gets a charge?

This high-tech sleeping bag developed by Vodafone working with scientists from the University of Southampton looks like a much better solution. It uses thermoelectric power generators called Power Pockets to convert some of your body heat into juice for your devices. Vodafone claims that eight hours in the bag will provide enough power for 11 hours of standby, and 24 minutes of talk time. That's not really a whole lot of time, but we wonder how much you can boost that number by putting two people in your sleeping bag, especially if you're "really friendly?"

Vodafone will be testing out the Recharge Sleeping Bag at British music events like the Isle of Wight Festival this summer.

Vodafone, via Treehugger

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