Video: Gun-mounted aerial drone targets smartphones

Much has been made of the issues surrounding killing humans with drones. Thankfully, this kind of tech is still not in the hands of civilians, thus ensuring some guy with a grudge can't simply pick you off at the mall from the comfort of his couch. However, a new video has surfaced that indicates that another method of delivering death from the skies is possible without the multimillion dollar tech embedded in military drones.

Screen protection company Clearplex recently produced a video that shows a carbon fiber octocopter 

equipped with a remoted-controlled Colt 45 pistol ripping through all manner of stationary objects while hovering in mid-air. At one point the gun drone even shoots a few rounds at a Samsung Galaxy S4 in a bid to show off how strong the smartphone's screen is with the company's protective covering.

But the real takeaway from the video is just how terrifying it might be to be stalked on a city street by an assault weapon that could easily be put together by anyone with the time and interest. Clearplex includes a warning on the video that states: "Do not try this at home.
 This video was taken in controlled environment by trained professionals."

But this is the Maker era, so that warning isn't likely to stop anyone now that the idea is out there. In fact, speaking of controversial uses of cutting-edge tech, on the same video the company also hints that it might try the same stunt soon with a 3D-printed gun. You can see the gun drone in action in the video below.

Via BoingBoing

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