Track your fitness goals with these wearable computer socks

Credit: Heapsylon

Wearable technology is no longer something taken out of the pages of science fiction. With the advent of such things as Google Glass, other companies are trying to get in on the wearable tech craze. Recently a company called Heapsylon has developed a special pair of socks, called Sensoria. These special socks are made of an “e-textile” fabric that allows pressure sensors to detect how the user’s foot is used during walking and running.

In order to use Sensoria, sock wearers will have to put on a small Bluetooth-enabled anklet. This will interact with the sensors in the socks and then transmit data to a computer or smartphone. Heapsylon monitors the data and uses that to offer suggestions to improve the users’ fitness performance. Sensoria can determine if someone has an improper walking or running habit or if the foot is landing at an unsafe angle during such activities.

Worried about that sweaty sock smell? No problem! The Sensoria socks have been developed with a soft non-scratchy fabric that can easily be thrown into the washer and dryer.

Initially, the socks will be targeted towards runners, but the data gathered could also be used for other applications. For example, diabetics can suffer from nerve damage in their feet that often leads to amputation. Sensoria socks could provide valuable data on how and why this occurs. Also, the “e-textile” fabric of the socks could eventually be shaped into other wearable items and clothing.

Sensoria should be available to the general public late next year, and will cost around $150 for the first pair of socks and the anklet, with the price being reduced to $60 for three-packs after that. There will also be a crowdfunding campaign launching later this week on Indiegogo that will allow funders to get their hands on a pair of socks pre-launch.

Via Business Week

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Sensoria Fitness from Heapsylon on Vimeo.