Heads-up display helmet gives motorcyclists live maps on the go

So let's say you really like the idea of Google Glass but you aren't interested in streaming your personal data through its now fully interconnected cloud software ecosystem. Well, if you're a motorcyclist, now there's an alternative.

A group of technology veterans hailing from Russia have announced plans to begin selling what they call the LiveMap, a motorcycle helmet that will display maps, vehicle speed, and the time right on the helmet's transparent visor. Based on the Android operating system, the LiveMap works using voice commands and needs no connection to the Internet except during software updates.

The helmet's lighting display system will adjust for day and night viewing conditions and will contain a gyroscope, allowing the map imagery to change depending on the viewing direction of the wearer. And, despite the device's Android underpinnings, the creators intend for it to be a targeted use device, so no games or video content will be included as part of the system.

The helmet is scheduled to start shipping in August of 2014 for $2,000 each, but the group is offering the helmet for $1,500 for early supporters of the project on Indiegogo. International launch parties will also be held for the device next year in Russia, Tokyo, Barcelona, Athens, Rome, Berlin, and Paris, but you can get an early peek at how it works in the video below.

Via Indiegogo

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