Flying bike completes test voyage in Prague

Credit: Czech TV

A dummy seated atop a hefty 200-pound flying bike successfully acheived lift off for the first time on June 12. The bike, dubbed F-bike, buzzed around Prague's PVA Expo Center for five minutes and managed to hover, steer and land without incident.

The unmanned electric bicycle has six battery-powered propellers; two in the front, two in the back, and one on each side. F-bike has been in the works since 2011 and is the result of a collaboration among three Czech firms. Tech company Technodat is heavily involved in the project and its CEO, Ales Kobylik, says that there will be more remote-controlled test flights in the future.

No official announcements have been made about testing F-bike with a human in the saddle, but an update is expected in July. Kobylik adds that the remote-controlled flying vehicle was designed more as a curiosity than for production. What a shame.

YouTube, via ABC News

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