Browse the web anonymously with Adafruit's Onion Pi

Whether you just think monitored web browsing is a tad creepy, or you're a journalist or NGO employee trying to stay under the radar, here's a project to make your week a bit more interesting: transform a Rasperry Pi into an anonymizing Tor proxy to hide your IP address from the NSA. Thanks to the combination of hardware and software, you can browse safely on gadgets that can't run Tor by themselves. That's not all, though. Adafruit Industries is trying to make your life easier by offering an "Onion Pi Pack" for $94.95 with pretty much everything you need to create your own portable privacy Pi.

Adafruit does drop a few warnings that should be heeded by the paranoid amongst you:

BEFORE YOU START USING YOUR PROXY - remember that there are a lot of ways to identify you, even if your IP address is 'randomized'. Delete & block your browser cache, history and cookies - some browsers allow "anonymous sessions". Do not log into existing accounts with personally identifying information (unless you're sure that's what you want to do). Use SSL whenever available to end-to-end encrypt your communication. And read for a lot more information on how to use TOR in a smart and safe way

This tutorial is a great way to make something fun and useful with your Raspberry Pi, but it is a work in progress. We can't guarantee that it is 100% anonymous and secure! Be smart & paranoid about your TOR usage.

If you want to search around your house first, here's a list of what you'll need:

  • Raspberry Pi model B - Ethernet is required
  • Ethernet cable
  • WiFi adapter - Not all WiFi adapters work, we know for sure it works with the ones in the Adafruit shop!
  • SD Card (4GB or greater) with Raspbian on it. You can either copy the Raspbian image onto it or buy a ready-made Raspbian card
  • Power supply for your Pi & a Micro USB cable
  • USB Console cable (optional) - this makes it a little easier to debug the system
  • Case for your Pi (optional)
  • A SD or MicroSD card reader (optional)

Otherwise, the "Onion Pi Pack" is an option — a bit of every sale goes to the Tor Foundation. You do still have to put everything together, though. Fortunately, you can follow along with Adafruit's tutorial.

Via OhGizmo

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