Reebok intros head impact warning skullcaps for athletes

In recent years, American football has been under increased scrutiny due to the apparent increase in head concussion-related injuries. The issue has become so contentious that a group of NFL (National Football League) players even sued the league in April, and new rules have been instituted to protect the players. Now one sportswear company has put forward a device that could help amateur and professionals alike play a bit more safely.

MC10 and Reebok have developed a device called CheckLight, a sensor skullcap that can be worn under a helmet and can measure the impacts on the wearer's head. Side-mounted LED lights flash yellow or red to indicate the severity of the impact in real-time.

And, rather than requiring any advanced technical monitor or trained professional, the CheckLight's indicator lights hang from the back of the neck, where a teammate can easily notify the wearer if the red light indicator is flashing, a sign of a severe impact. Despite this function, Reebok is careful to note on its website that the device is not a certified concussion diagnostic tool.

The washable device is designed to be adopted by the mainstream and will sell for $150 at the Reebok website later this month. You can stay updated on its availability here.

Via NYTimes

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