Beautiful, hypnotizing video shows the known universe

Credit: IRFU

We’ve been mapping the universe for a while. We’ll probably continue to do so, the “we” referring to the human race. It’s not the fastest work: the universe is a pretty big place. Like inconceivably big. Which is why we here at DVICE always get excited when there’s a new way to experience it. Suffice to say we’re pretty excited at the video below, which displays and explains a 3D map of all 120 million light-years worth of the known universe. 

Though the video’s length might seem daunting, it’s well worth the time investment. Helene Courtois of University of Lyon narrates the film, which has a hypnotizing quality to it.

Again, this isn’t the first time we’ve mapped the universe. University of Hawaii astrophysicist R. Brent Tully, who was intimately involved in the project, actually mapped it out on paper in 1987.

And remember, this is only the part of the universe we’re aware of, a pretty awe-inducing fact.

“We actually don’t know how big the whole universe is,” Tully told the Los Angeles Times. “What we talk about is the universe within our horizon, the travel time of light, and that’s been traveling to us since 14 billion years – actually, in that time the universe has expanded, so we have access to something like 40 billion light-years.”

But enough of my jabber. Check out the video below.

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