Toyota's new DIY concept is an EV for kids

Credit: Toyota

Last year, Toyota debuted a funny little concept car called the Camatte. Powered by a pair of pedals, the Camatte was a turn-of-the-century looking cart with a few removable panels.

This year the Camatte is back, and Toyota seems to have upped the ante on its kid-friendly kit car. The new Camatte's design is a lot sportier than last year's — featuring a topless coupe frame. Toyota has also swapped out the Camatte's pedals in favor of an electrical drive system, making the 2013 Camatte a little less Flintstones and a little more Power Wheels.

The DIY factor of this year's model has also been ratcheted up. Instead of a mere handful of removable panels, the Camatte features 57 unique, interchangeable pieces. Each needs to be screwed in individually, but Toyota's designers like it that way. They figure that driving a car isn't the only fun a family can have together — tinkering around with the chassis can be just as enjoyable.

Once the panels are all in place, the car is ready to drive. But parents don't have to leave that bit of fun to the kids. The parent-sized right seat is equipped with a set of pedals that help keep a child driver's driving decisions on the straight and narrow. There's no word yet on whether any of the Camatte concepts will ever hit the market. If they ever do, you can bet on the number of pint-sized car enthusiasts going right through the roof.

Toyota, via Ubergizmo

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