Affordable wireless charging coming to an EV near you

Credit: Bosch

If you've ever owned a wireless charger for your smartphone, you know the feeling of having to go back to a plug. Wires suddenly feel ungainly or childish. Charging your stuff wirelessly, on the other hand — well that's from the future.

That's exactly the way of thinking that led Bosch to create their awesome new wireless charger — for your car. You just pull into the garage, park above their wireless charger and walk away. Of course, only EV owners need apply. You can't exactly pick up a charger in the hopes that it will somehow fill your Model A with gasohol. Get with the times already.

Actually, thus far, the Plugless Level 2 EV Charging System — a name that just rolls right off the tongue — is only available two vehicles at present: the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt.

Bosch argues that, by the numbers, these two EVs have been dominating the market. So they get preferential treatment. Sort of. The "Level 2" will run EV owners a cool $3,000 to purchase and install. The excuse for all this cost and exclusiveness, according to Bosch, is that the technology is brand spanking new. Future versions of the Level 2, they say, will not only cost less but be compatible with more EV makes.

So if you're an "in on the ground floor" type and you own a Volt or a Leaf, snap one of these bad boys up. You'll never have to think about charging your car at home again. The rest of us will just have to wait, plugging our cars in like a bunch of suckers until that glorious day when we can join you in the wirelessly-charged future.

Bosch, via PluginCars

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