7 reasons why I'm not joining the Google Glass early adopter club

Credit: Google

Without question, Google Glass is the year's most exciting consumer gadget. Everyone is talking about it — almost every day, it seems like — and with good reason. Glass is uncharted territory. It's the first of what is expected to be an entire generation of wearable computers that are designed to make technology as natural and intuitive as possible.

Although I was given the option as part of Google's Explorer program, I ultimately decided not to drop $1,500 to buy a developer edition of Google Glass. I don't know about you, but I'm not loaded enough to throw that kind of money at a gadget that I wasn't even able to try on. I may be a tech geek lusting for the latest gear on a daily basis, but I'm not stupid.

But, I recently got to try out Glass, courtesy of SlashGear Editor-in-Chief Vincent Nguyen. Like everyone who hasn't experienced Glass, I was excited to see what the big deal was with Google's cyborg-like eyewear. I only got to try it on briefly, but that was more than enough to blow my mind. Glass is some serious futuristic stuff. And while that "wow" moment when I saw a display floating right above my eyes bounced around my thoughts for the rest of that day, I've decided to decline my "invitation" to buy Glass after being selected as one of Google's "Glass Explorers" from the #ifihadglass competition held a few months back.

If, like me, you are considering buying a pair of Google Glass Explorer Editions, here are seven reasons why you might want to reconsider that big purchase.

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