NYC crowdsources cycling tips with interactive map

Bicycling in NYC can be a harrowing experience. Not only are drivers maliciously unpredictable, you also have to contend with parked car doors swinging open unexpectedly, monster potholes, and oh crap, how did I end up going the wrong way on this one-way street? This isn't necessarily the safest place to "learn by doing," especially if you have the option of reading suggestions from seasoned cyclists before you hit the pavement.

Enter "Your Biking Wisdom in 10 words." This is an interactive map created by The New York Times where tips, advice, comments, etc. can be shared about the wonderful world of bike riding in Manhattan or one of the outer boroughs. All this helpful crowdsourced goodness is run through Strava, a running and biking app.

For example, one map user warns riders to "be mindful of USPS trucks pulling out" on W. 29th. That's a good tip for sure. My favorites, though, are about Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn: "I would almost never ride on Flatbush" and "worst ride in the city" and my top favorite, "basically a highway with no speed limit." Yikes.

The New York Times, via Gizmodo

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