Chrome game combines 3D Pong with real-time video chat

Google's ongoing efforts to promote Chrome as a leading Web browser and even as an cloud-centric operating system are developing slowly, but that hasn't stopped the company from rapidly rolling out a number of interesting experiments based on the platform.

The latest experiment is another exploration into browser gaming via a new game called Cube Slam. Situated within a surreal 3D environment, the game puts you in the first-person perspective of a game of 3D pong. What makes the game so much different from normal Pong is that it harnesses your browser and Internet connection to allow you to play against your friends as their face is displayed in-game as a live part of the game's design.  

This feature is made possible through the use of WebRTC (web real-time communication), an open-source platform that allows for video chatting in the browser without the use of additional plug-ins. In the event that you don't have a live person to play Cube Slam with, Google's "Ursine Diversion Division" has helpfully provided a friendly 3D bear opponent for you to play with. The game requires nothing other than an Internet connection, the Chrome browser, and a Web cam (if you want to play live with a friend). 

Cube Slam comes right on the heels of several other online gaming experiments from Google, a trend that hints that the company may have bigger designs on becoming a part of the highly competitive gaming industry.  

You can take the game for spin here, and check out a cool trailer for the game in the video below. 

Via Google

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